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Cape of Sounion: Ruins and Legend

18At Cape Sounion the ruins of the Temple of Poseidon, the God of the sea in classical mythology, which was built in 444 BC, lie on a huge rock. The view from the temple is spectacular, and you will be able to enjoy the most beautiful sunset. There is a lovely taverna nearby where you can enjoy lunch or dinner over-looking the blue waters of the Saronic Gulf.

According to legend, Cape Sounion is the spot where Aegeus, King of Athens, leap of the cliff to his death, thus giving his name to the Aegean Sea. The story goes that Aegeus, anxiously looking out from Sounion, despaired when he saw the black sail on the ship of his son Theseus, returning from Crete. This led him to believe that his son had been killed in his contest with the dreaded Minotaur, a monster that was half man and half bull. The Minotaur was confined by its owner, King Minos of Crete, in a specially designed labyrinth. Every year, the Athenians were forced to send 7 boys and 7 girls to Minos as tribute. These youths were placed in the labyrinth to be devoured by the Minotaur.

Theseus had volunteered to go with the third tribute and attempt to slay the beast. He had agreed with his father that if he survived the contest, he would hoist a white sail. In fact, Theseus had overcome and slain the Minotaur, but tragically had simply forgotten about the white sail.


The Premises

16The classes will be held at the EPLO premises in Legraina, near the bay of Cape Sounion and the Temple of Poseidon, overlooking the Aegean Sea. The premises offers an excellent work environment that promotes study and research activities, as well as a healthy lifestyle.

The EPLO Headquarters in the heart of Athens consist of a three floor neoclassical building with a small-scale conference room with a capacity of 130 people, where conferences, lectures, seminars and workshops take place. It is located in Plaka, the oldest district of of Athens, at the foothill of the Acropolis.

The Sounion premises where classes are held are situated close to the bay of Cape Sounion, where the ancient Temple of Poseidon resides, overlooking the Aegean Sea. They are nestled amidst a landscape of unparalleled environmental and cultural beauty. The premises were designed with the aim of having a working environment that promotes study and research activities, as well as an environmentally conscious and healthy lifestyle among the EPLO employees and its visitors.


The facilities also include:

11- a large-scale conference hall equipped with a simultaneous interpretation system of four languages
- four seminar rooms
- a basketball court
- a tennis court
- a volleyball court
- an outdoor open theater
- a garden of 30.000 square meters

This is an ideal location for intensive study programs especially during the summer months offering to students a unique learning and leisure experience.

Students can spend their free time practicing their favorite sports at the campus' facilities, swimming or participating in water sports at the many nearby beaches and coves, engaging in outdoor activities such as bike riding or running, and spending time with friends on nights and weekends at the nearby town of Lavrio.

Extra Curricular Activities A range of optional extra-curricular activities for the body and mind, providing you with the opportunity to explore the Greek nature and culture, are made available through our Student Affairs department. All activities are subject to attendance and prior notice is required. For more information please download our brochure and/or contact the Student Affairs Officer.


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The Global Law and Governance (GLG) Summer School is operated by the European Public Law Organization (EPLO), an International Organization with Headquarters in Athens, Greece.

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